Gahlot institute of Pharmacy encourages the students and faculties to undertake research in the field of Pharmacy. The postgraduate programme in our college ensures that students get a good quality research project so that they get exposure to research and get publications in best journals.

NameTitleAmount Sanctioned
Academic Year 2019-2020
Dr. Preeti KulkarniDetermination of Pharmaceutical equivalence of innovator and generic anti-infective formulation40000
Mr. Nitin KolheSynthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation of Some Quinoline Analogs as an Anti-fungal Agents35000
Mrs. Rupali LikharSynthesis of Active Novel 4(3H)-Quinazolinone Derivatives and Evaluation of Their In-Vitro Anti-Cancer Activity50000
Mr. Bhaskar GavitreEvaluation of Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus Aureus Against Various Antibiotics45000
Mrs. Trupti LadeAnti-cancer activity of Caesalpinia digyna40000
Academic Year 2018-2019
Mrs Urvashi ZamindarInvestigation of Neuroprotective Effect of Selective Bioactive Agents from Natural Sources30000
Dr. Smita NayakSilver Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Green Chemistry Approach30000
Mrs. Bharti FegadeSynthesis and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of 4-Substituted Flavone Derivatives30000
Academic Year 2017-2018
Mr. Arvind NaikIn-Vitro Screening for Anti-Cholinesterase and Antioxidant Activity of Extract of Flowers of Nyctanthes arbortristis.30000
Mrs. Pratibha TupeEvaluation of Two Novel Antidiabetic Drugs forTheir Neuroprotective Potential in OkadiacacidInduced Memory Impairment.20000
Mrs. Monika KambleExtraction, Isolation and Evaluation of Antibacterial Potential of Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Fruits of Punica granatum Linn.25000
Academic Year 2016-2017
Mr. Deepak TandaleSyntheisis and evaluation of some substituted flavones as potential anticancer agents25000
Mrs. Preeti KulkarniComparison of Dried Blood Spot TECHNIQUE WITH Whatman filter paper based extraction and classical extraction technique for bio-analysis of anti cancer drugs25000
Mr. Nitin KolheSynthesis and evaluation of some novel analogs of quinolone as an antibacterial agents30000
Mrs. Pratibha DaroiSynthesis of biologically active 4(3h) – quinazolineone derivatives and evaluation of their anticancer potential using zebra fish model of angiogenesis25000
Mrs. Trupti LadeStudy of anticancer activity of Entada pursaetha35000
Mr. Bhaskar GavitreExtraction, isolation, characterisation and evaluation of antibacterial potential of oil of cocos nucifrea35000
Academic Year 2014-2015
Dr. Mrs. Smita NayakFormulation and evaluation of gastric floating tablets28000
Mrs. Urvashi ZamindarEvaluation of sunscreen activity of herbal formulation28000
Mrs. Bharti FegadePhytochemical investigation and evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of Epiphyllum oxypetallum32000
Mrs. Vaishali MistryDevelopment and validation of instrumental analytical methods for simultaneous estimation of ciprofloxacin, tinidazole and Diclomine HCl in bulk drug and dosage form28000
Mr. Arvind NaikComparative in vitro anti-acne and anti inflammatory studies of Delonix regia flower extract and its isolated constituents28000
Mrs. Komal PadhariyaFormulation development and evaluation of Terutaline sulphate rapid dissolving oral film280000
Academic Year 2013-2014
Mrs Preeti KulkarniEffect of various anticoagulants on the bioanalysis of drugs in rat blood15000
Mrs Malathi RaghunathDesign and synthesis and evaluation of Novel Benimidazole derivatives for potential pharmacological activity30000
Academic Year 2011-2012
Dr. Mrs. Smita NayakFormulation and evaluation of suppository dosage form for treatment of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy13000
Mrs. Urvashi ZamindarExtraction and pharmacological evaluation of selected herb15000
Mrs. Udichi ChandavaniDevelopment and evaluation of novel dosage form for antiemetic agent15000
Ms. Nikita NadgaonkarFormulation and evaluation of a fixed dose combination of ceftriaxone and ornidazole20000
Mrs. Bharti FegadeEvaluation of sunscreen activity of Punica granatum20000
Academic Year 2010-2011
Mrs Trupti LadeExtraction and biological evaluation of selected herb Cynodon dactylon15000
Mrs Malathi RaghunathExtraction and evaluation of antimicrobial and wound healing activity of coconut husk18000
Name of StudentGuideProject titleThesis Submission Year
Academic Year 2019
Mr. Omkar GawadeDr. Smita Development and validation of Chromatographic Technique for bulk drug and formulationOn-going
Ms. Kiran KedarDr. Smita Formulation and Evaluation of Nanoparticle Based Delivery SystemOn-going
Mr. Anil GhuleDr. Preeti KulkarniTherapeutic Drug Monitoring of Tyrosine Kinase InhibitorsOn-going
Mr. Devendra NirwanDr. Preeti KulkarniFormulation of Microemulsion On-going
Mr. Rohit PacharaneDr. Preeti KulkarniPharmacopkinetics of drugs used in cancer careOn-going
Ms. Varsha KambleMrs. Bharti FegadeFormulation, Development and Evaluation of an EmulgelOn-going
Ms. Monali Namayate Mrs. Bharti FegadeFormulation, Development and Evaluation of Herbal SunscreenOn-going
Academic Year 2018
Mrs. Priyanka GugareDr. Smita Formulation development and evaluation of topical anti-bacterial formulationOn-going
Mrs. Smita ParekarMrs. Bharti FegadeSynthesis, characterization and evaluation of novel molecules for potential pharmacological activityOn-going
Mr. Ghanshyam Verma Mrs. Bharti FegadeAnalytical method development and validation for estimation of drug or drug(s) in bulk and dosage formOn-going
Academic Year 2017
Mr.Nikhil DhanvijayDr Smita NayakAnalytical Method Development and validation – Bexarotene, Sacubitril & Valsartan2017
Ms.Priya TemgireDr Smita NayakAnalytical Method Development and validation – Riociguat, Lenvatinib2017
Ms.Madhuri JadhavDr Smita NayakAnalytical Method Development and validation – Ceretinib, Avanafil2017
Mr. Koshti Shrinivas Mallikarjun KanchanMrs. Bharti FegadeFormulation development and evaluation of Topical Lotion2017
MS. Raut Rhuddhi NareshMrs. Bharti FegadeAnalytical Method Development And Validation Of Drug(S) By Using Chromatographic Technique2017
Ms. Vinaya ShindeDr. Preeti KulkarniBioanalytical Method Development and Validation of Methotrexate and Celecoxib using Liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)2017
Mrs. Shubhangi KastureDr. Preeti KulkarniPharmacokinetic study of Erlotinib in Indian patients with Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and compare the pharmacokinetic parameters of innovator formulation (Tarceva ,Roche) with Indian generic formulation2017
Academic Year 2016
Ms. Sanidhya SuryawanshiDr Smita NayakFast dissolving delivery system of Raloxifene HCl2016
Ms. Shivali SinghDr Smita NayakDelivery system for improved release of Efavirenz2016
Ms. Godbole Uttara ArvindMrs. Bharti Fegade“Formulation and Evaluation of Delivery System for Anti-bacterial Drug”2016
Ms. Jadhwar Vaishali VishwasMrs. Bharti Fegade“Analytical Method Development And Validation For Estimation Of Drug In Bulk And In Dosage Form”2016
Ms. Pawar Priyanka DhakobaMrs. Bharti FegadeFormulation and Evaluation of Novel Drug Delivery System For Pongamia Pinnata Seed Extract2016
Ms. Siddhita PolMrs. Preeti KulkarniPharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic study of Pemetrexed in adult chemo-naïve subjects of adenocarcinoma in Non small cell lung cancer.2016
Ms Sneha PatilMrs. Preeti KulkarniTo evaluate the feasibility of therapeutic drug monitoring of Sunitinib and its metabolite in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC)2016
Academic Year 2015
Ms. Varsha SinghDr. Smita NayakFloating drug delivery system for Tramadol HCl2015
Ms. Swapnali BorudeDr. Smita NayakSR suppository for frovatriptan succinate2015
Kum. Dandekar Rucha PrakashMrs. Bharti FegadePhytochemical Investigation And Pharmacological Screening Of Herbal Drug2015
Ms. Patil Sneha JaywantMrs. Bharti FegadeFormulation And Evaluation Of Herbal Sunscreen2015
Name of main author and co-author/sTitle of the Research ArticleName of Journal Year of Publication
Rohankumar R. Chavan*, Payal M. Ahuja, Poonam J. PatilDevelopment & Validation of UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Furosemide in Bulk & Pharmaceutical FormulationInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice2019
Preeti kulkarni*, Anil Ghule, Sandip BadadheProcess Validation Vs Process Qualification – An Overview.International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 2019
Archana A Naik*, ChhayaGadgoli, Arvind B. NaikEvaluation of Gene Expression and In Vitro Enzyme Study for Antiaging Effect of Crocin and LuteinThe Natural Products Journal2019
S. C. Nayak, P. S. Ghugare, V. H. BhaskarInsights into proteomics and its applicationsInternational Journal of Pharmacy & Technology2019
Murari G, Manjunath N, Anand P, Parsshva M, Sneha P, Preeti K, Vikram GA HPLC method for simultaneous quantification of sunitinib and its active metabolite, SU12662, using HILIC principleISSN (online): 1757-61992019
Ghante M R, Sawant S D, Undre M, Jagtap S. G, Kulkarni P, and Nikam V. SRP-HPLC and HPTLC Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Dolutegravir in Bulk and Tablet Dosage FormIndian Drugs2019
MinalGhante*, Natasha Akhade, PreetiGota, AtulNikam, SupriyaJagtap, VandanaNikam.Development and Validation of High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Nebivolol Hydrochloride and CilnidipineAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research2019
Year 2018
Name of main author and co-author/sTitle of the Research ArticleName of Journal Year of Publication
Dhanvijay Nikhil, M Vijaya Kumar, Patel Manasi, G Sobia, Singh Raman Mohan, Nayak Smita, Bhaskar VaidhunReverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for determination of Bexarotene in capsule dosage formIndian Drugs2018
Temgire Priya, G Sobia, M Vijaya Kumar, W Sayali, Singh Raman Mohan, Nayak Smita and Bhaskar VaidhunDevelopment and validation of Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography method for quantitative estimation of Riociguat in Tablet dosage formJournal of Pharmacy Research2018
Madhuri Jadhav, Anand Patil, Vijaya Kumar Munipalli, SayaliWarde, Raman Mohan Singh,Smita Nayak, Vaidhun BhaskarDevelopment and validation of Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for Quantitative estimation of Ceritinib in capsule dosage formJournal of Pharmacy Research2018
Mohini B.Baile*, Nitin S. Kolhe,Sofiya R. Moris, Ashwini A. Kulkarni, Dr. Ashish S. JainNipah Virus: A ReviewJournal of Pharma Research2018
Raut Rhuddhi*1, Patil Anand1, Munipalli Vijaya Kumar1, Patel Manasi1, Singh Raman Mohan1,Fegade Bharatiand Bhaskar VaidhunReverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for determination of Regorafenib in Tablet Dosage formIndian Drugs 2018
Fegade Bharti,Pawar Priyanka, V. H. BhaskarFormulation and evaluation of novel drugInternational Science and Technology Journal
Delivery system for Pongamiapinnataseed Extract1632-28822018
Year 2017
Name of main author and co-author/sTitle of the Research ArticleName of Journal Year of Publication
Smita Nayak*, Nikhil Dhanvijay, Vaidhun BhaskarPharmacoscintigraphy: Novel Approach to Diagnosis and TherapyInternational Journal of Biopharmaceutics2017
Smita Nayak*Pharmacoscintigraphy as an Investigational Tool: A Review Pharma Times2017
Year 2016
Name of main author and co-author/sTitle of the Research ArticleName of Journal Year of Publication
Smita Nayak*, Priya TemgireMethodologies for Evaluation of In-Vitro Dissolution DataeDisso – Quarterly Magazine of 2016
Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science
Smita Nayak*, Shivali Singh, V. H. BhaskarOverview of Metal-Organic Framework Based Drug Delivery SystemsAsian Journal of Science and Technology2016
Smita Nayak*, Madhuri Jadhav, Vaidhun BhaskarRecent Advances in Ocular Drug Delivery SystemsResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology2016
Smita Nayak*, SanidhyaSuryawanshi, Vaidhun BhaskarMicroneedle Technology for Transdermal Drug Delivery: Applications and Combination with Other Enhancing Techniques.Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics2016
Smita Nayak*, SanidhyaSuryawanshi, Vaidhun BhaskarFormulation and evaluation of Raloxifene hydrochloride tablets with improved dissolution profileInternational Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutics2016
Smita Nayak*, Shivali Singh, Vaidhun BhaskarFormula Optimization for Rapid Dissolution of Efavirenz from Dosage FormPharmacophore2016
Kulkarni P*, Karanam A, Gurjar M, Dhoble S, Naik AB, Vaidhun BH, Gota V. Effect of various anticoagulants on the bioanalysis of drugs in rat blood: implication for pharmacokinetic studies of anticancer drugs.Springerplus2016
P.Gota*,A.Adegoke, M.Gurjar, S.Singh, M.Nandave, L.Hingorani and V.GotaComparison of the Metabolic Stability of Solid Lipid Boswellia serrata Particles versus Plain Boswellia serrata Extract in Human Hepatocytes (HHL – 17)International Journal of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Sciences2016
Preeti Gota*,NeenaDamle, Sneha Patil, Sumer Singh, Mukesh Nandave,Vikram Gota, Lal Hingorani.Efficacy of solid lipid boswellia serrate particles (SLBSP) in osteoarthritis of kneeJournal of Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Management. 2016