Cultural Week Celebration 2015-2016


CULTURAL REPORT 2015 – 1625th January to 30th January 2016

The Interns 2015-16, Sabers organized a one week cultural fest named “PHARM ACCORD” theme “TOUR De` WORLD” in the month of January. The entire event was split into two halves- sports day and cultural day.

The event commenced on the 25th of January, and was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr.V.H BHASKAR on the campus grounds.. Various on-stage and off-stage events were held during this period. Many competitions were held including face painting, tattoo making, collage, calligraphy, mehendi, rangoli, finger decoration, poetry writing ,master chef ,egg decoration, candle decoration, T- shirt painting, pencil sketching, add-mad, singing, and scavenger hunt. All the years, M pharm students and the staff members actively participated in all competitions with full zest and zeal. Different days were organized during the entire cultural week like the school day, twin day, group alike day, angel and devils  day, traditional day and sari or tie day. A traditional day/ sari day was specially held for the entire staff and the joyous moments were captured in a photo session. This year we had introduced the Pointer board to see which class wins the title for the “Best class of the year” The prize distribution ceremony for the cultural week was held on 30th January in which all the winners were awarded with trophies and certificates. The Cultural Trophies were won by the Interns. The most awaited part of the entire day was the DJ evening.